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Epcot Future World WDW Orlando Florida

Epcot Future World Overview

 "It's like the city of tomorrow ought to be. A city that caters to the people as a service function. It will be a planned, controlled community, a showcase for American industry and research, schools, cultural and educational opportunities."

                       Walt Disney  

Mission Space at Future World in Epcot

Mission Space at Future World in Epcot

Spaceship Earth

Inside the gigantic 180-foot silver geosphere that is Epcot's landmark adventure, guests experience a time-travel journey from the beginning of time — from the caveman days to the electronic age — documenting man's ability to overcome distance and language barriers through improved communication concepts and new technologies, including the printing press and industrial and electronic age communication.
After guests complete the 14-minute journey (which includes a slow, but steep ascent and descent) the adventure's sponsor, AT&T invites guests to sample its Global Neighborhood in an interactive computer-video wonderland that includes:

  • Interactive Wonderland: Guests explore the information highway with Alice and the Cheshire Cat – video shopping, movies-on-demand and film critic reviews, or viewer-choice sporting event broadcasts and the camera angles for viewing them.
  • Communications Breakthrough: A video-telephone game played against other guests where players are challenged to knock glass bricks from a computer-graphic wall with electronic "paddles" to build a communications link with other participants.
  • What's In a Word:Guests translate humorous idioms from one language to another, demonstrating the difficulty and potential of electronic translation.
  • Electronic Finger Paint, Portrait Puzzle and Color Match:Three games illustrating communications which do not depend on language. Story Teller Phones: Guests can phone friends or relatives and choose appropriate sound effects from a video wall to "fool" friends into thinking they are calling from a jungle, a haunted house or a cartoon world.


Innoventions at Epcot Disney World Florida

Innoventions continuously transforms itself to represent the ever-changing world of technology. Guests are entertained while they discover tomorrow's technology today through hands-on experiences that activate the imagination and renew our hope for a better tomorrow. Disney celebrates the breakthroughs in science and technology that inspire us in the new millennium — everything from exploratory medicine to personal global communications to the ultimate in home entertainment to the latest transportation advances.

Test Track

Test Track at Epcot Disney World Florida

In a world of motion, one of the main modes of transportation we have is the automobile. Many people think a car's life begins the moment you buy it off the lot (or off the Internet), but there is a whole process that vehicle goes through before it ever sees the free world! Test Track is a massive pavilion where Walt Disney World guests get a first-hand look at the creative process - and the mechanical process - of designing new automobiles and testing their integrity and performance. After a thrilling ride on a "test track," guests will have the opportunity for many hands-on experiences and a look at new General Motors vehicles that will be available to the public shortly. Test Track is exciting, informative and waiting for you in Future World.

Mission: SPACE

This ultimate interactive thrill-packed adventure is as close as you can get to blasting off into space without leaving Earth. Each member of your astronaut team has a challenging role in a dynamic and daring cosmic mission dodging meteors and navigating nebula.

THE SEAS WITH NEMO AND FRIENDS (formerly The Living Seas)

THE SEAS WITH NEMO AND FRIENDS (formerly The Living Seas)

The completion of the final phase marks the introduction of the Living Seas as "The Seas with Nemo and Friends." Not only are the underwater stars featured, you can hear "Mine, Mine, Mine" from a few of those pesky seagulls while entering.

Mr. Ray, Bruce and Crush are among the featured characters that grace the entryway.

When you enter the building, the queue begins with a seashore setting that transitions to an underwater theme. With the use of special lighting it appears as if you're under the sea. Details include an overhead boat.

Once guests reach the boarding area, they're transported by "Clam-Mobiles", and join Mr. Ray on a field trip. (The space formerly used for the Living Seas hydrolaters and theaters is now part of the tracking for these ride vehicles.) As you can expect, Nemo goes missing and the pursuit begins.

Turtle Talk with Crush
Yo, Dude, come check out this totally cool interactive show. Go under the sea and have a conversation with Crush in his digital underwater world. The 152-year-old sea turtle from the Disney presentation of Pixar's "Finding Nemo" chats, jokes and even recognizes Guests.

The Land

The Land at Epcot

This is The Land, Epcot's tribute to the world around us. From the rain forests to the great plains, enjoy this pavilion for all it's worth. Great food compliments a hilarious but informative film hosted by two of your favorite Disney Animated critters as well as a very interesting attraction that actually takes guests on a behind-the-scenes look at the great Circle of Life. Come spend some time listening to the land; it's an experience that will renew your understanding of the environment we all share.



Soarin' is attached to The Land Pavillion in WDW

As those who have ridden this unique attraction already at Disney's California Adventure can attest, this is not your typical motion simulator type ride. Soarin' at Epcot uses the concept that was a smash hit on the West Coast, and brings it here to add to an ever growing list of impressive new attractions in Orlando.

The ride building , with the ride entrance accessible through the former Food Rocks attraction.  The building itself is shaped like a huge, truncated hangar, simillar to what you might find at a medium sized municipal airfield.  The interior is also reminiscent of a municipal airfield, with chain link fencing in places.  There is no seperate pre-show to speak of.  However, when you are ready to load up into your moving theater, you are treated to a short safety spiel type video on an overhead monitor.

Circle of Life
A cute lesson in environmental responsibility awaits you in the Harvest Theatre. This 20 minute film stars the Lion King's Simba, Timon and Pumbaa. Combining live footage with animation, the tale is told in simple terms that all age groups can enjoy.

Living with the Land Boat Ride - Fastpass will be used for the attraction on an as-needed basis.

A relaxing 13 minute boat ride takes you on an informative journey through a tropical rain forest, an African desert complete with sandstorm, and the windswept plains of a small, turn-of-the-century family farm. Guests experience the struggles of the past and plans for farming in the future including Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Aquaculture.


Imagination-Figment is back!

Figment is back! The playful purple dragon has returned to Epcot to once again demonstrate the power of imagination at Journey into Imagination with Figment. Guests are invited to an open house at the Imagination Institute led by Dr. Nigel Channing, who plans to show how the five senses can influence a person's imagination. The colorful, energetic attraction stops for Dr. Channing's demonstrations in laboratories to discover how the human senses are being studied to help "capture and control" the imagination. The stops are interrupted, however, by the free-thinking Figment, a mischievous dragon who tries to show the ever-practical Dr. Channing and his guests that the imagination works best, not when it's controlled, but rather, when it's set free.
Guests will encounter stimulating experiences:

  • In the sight laboratory, Figment has fun with a vision chart to prove that there is more to the imagination than meets the eye!
  • Sniff, sniff... what's that aroma in the smell laboratory?
  • In the sound laboratory, guests enjoy a symphony of delightful melodies as Figment shows how thoughts can appear by way of the ear.

Captain EO

Yes, you read right…the classic 3-D film experience “Captain EO” is coming back to Walt Disney World Resort this summer just months after it reopened to rave reviews at Disneyland park. The 17-minute musical space-fantasy adventure film is now scheduled to begin at Epcot on July 2.

I remember enjoying “Captain EO” during its original run at Epcot from 1986 -1994. But for some of you, it’ll be a new experience. The film features Michael Jackson as “Captain EO” and a crew of Disney-created space characters. During their journey, the group uses the power of dance, light and music to turn a colorless planet into a world of color and happiness.

Universe of Energy

Universe of Energy

This pavilion consists of three motion pictures and a ride-through adventure where guests encounter life-size dinosaurs. Guests follow funny woman Ellen DeGeneres through a dream-turned-nightmare movie sequence that involves Dr. Judy Peterson, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. Bill Nye the Science Guy, guides Ellen (and guests) on a "crash-course" in Energy 101. First comes the history of the universe – in one minute – next, 97-passenger vehicles that travel through primeval dioramas, complete with prehistoric flora, fauna and a terrified Ellen. After the dioramas, guests enter into another theater, where they view a dramatic motion picture about the world's present-day energy needs, resources and concerns.
The presentation has just the right mix of one-of-a-kind theme park experience and education.

Wonders of Life

Beneath the gleaming Wonders of Life gold dome is one of Epcot's most breath-taking rides and one of the many life-and-health related attractions in the colorful pavilion. Body Wars combines the physical sensation of a roller coaster with special-effects film techniques on a fantastic journey aboard a "miniaturized" medical body probe. Through the unique use of models, computer graphics and photographic techniques, images of the heart, lungs and brain envelop guests as their body probe careens, dives, and rocks its way through the bloodstream. What starts as a seemingly routine medical mission turns into a high-speed race against time.
More adventures await guests including Cranium Command, The Making of Me, Coach's Corner, The Anacomical Players, Goofy About Health, the Fitness Fairgrounds and a food bar featuring guilt-free goodies.

NOTE: This pavilion is only open seasonally. If you visited it in the past, you'll find that a lot of the interior has been removed. The snack bar, the batting/golf cage, the shops and the stationery bikes are no longer there. It's still worth a visit if its open during your trip.

Soarin' is a thrill ride for all ages, exhilarating as a hank on the wing and as mellow as swinging in a hammock. If you are fortunate enough to have experienced flying dreams in your sleep, you'll have a sense of how Soarin' feels.

Once you enter the main theater, you are secured in a seat not unlike those on inverted roller coasters (where the coaster is suspended from above). When everyone is in place, the rows of seats swing into position, making you feel as if the floor has dropped away, and you are suspended with your legs dangling. Thus hung out to dry, you embark on a hang-glider tour with IMAX quality images projected all around you, and with the flight simulator moving in sync with the movie. The IMAX images are well chosen and drop-dead beautiful. Special effects include wind, sound, and even olfactory stimulation. The ride itself is thrilling but perfectly smooth. We think Soarin' is a must-experience for guests of any age who meet the height requirement. And yes, we interviewed senior citizens who tried the ride and were crazy about it.


  • Go to the World Showcase as soon as it opens at 11:00 a.m.   Finish Future World in the late afternoon.
  • Your kids will probably like Future World better than the World Showcase.